Monday, December 5, 2011

Myolie Wu Crowns TV Queen, Thanks Boyfriend Bosco Wong

Myolie Wu made a love confession as "TV Queen."

The actress crowned this year's "TV Queen" with series "Curse of the Royal Harem." She couldn't hold her tears when she went up to the stage and made her thank-you speech. During the speech, she sweetly made a love confession, and obviously it was to boyfriend Bosco.

"There is one more person, who keeps pushing me. He cared about me a lot during the filming of 'War of In-laws.' I don't know what to say...Last night he said he would go to the bathroom if I win this award. He didn't. I know I have many flaws, and they are hard to bear. But you have a lot of flaws, too. You are also hard to bear. We will keep supporting each other."

The couple finally got together after the big night. Myolie received a hug from Bosco and at one point kept crying in his arms. Many people were encouraging them to get marry, shouting "Marry! Marry" to the couple. Unlike before, they didn't mind posing together in front of photographers. Looks like the awards ceremony has brightened up their relationship.

By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment
Source: ON.CC, Tungstar, Ckwok Weibo